Key Benefits of LED

Our products are designed to dramatically reduce energy costs and consumption, while increasing lighting performance.
  • Low power consumption
  • 95% recyclable
  • No ecological hazard to the environment
  • Contains no toxic chamicals and pollutants
  • Total absence of light pollution
  • Instantaneous and maximum when the switch is turned ON
  • Compliance with RoHS, Energy trust, Energy Star and UL Standards
  • Very low light heat
  • Higher light levels
  • Wide choice of colors
  • No infrared or ultraviolet output flicker

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FREE Diagnosis

WE OFFER FREE diagnosis of your current installation and we run needs analysis to outline the most suitable LED solution for your specific needs. We also offer you clear insight and informative advice about your current lighting system, how it can be improved, and the benefits you would gain as a customer. Our experts also deliver personalised creative, technical and financial solution designs.

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Project Services

With own comprehensive skills we can completely manage all aspects of implementation without the need for third party participation. Decide your own level of involvement in order to suit your needs, turning the conceptual into the practical and then into reality. Our skilled team are here to deal with all aspects of consideration from control and co-ordination to layout and design.

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After-Sale Care

Through use of our service customers can avail themselves of our after- sale care contract, covering all aspects conducive to low cost and low maintenance but with the same outstanding performance expected in todays’ market. Remove the need to hire outside contractors by working with one hassle-free and expedient service for all lighting issues and requirements.

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LED Bulbs Retrofit Solutions

Energy meets efficiency LED lamps deliver huge energy savings and minimize maintenance cost without any compromise on light quality.


Mrs. Robinson said;

"Having LED Lights fitted with a minimum capital outlay was the perfect solution for us. We are now enjoying the benefits of lower bills”